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Standards of drug therapy for solid tumors and hematologic malignancies

  • Database with currently 2610 digitized treatment regimens
  • Continuous addition of new treatment regimens
  • Continuous updating of existing treatment regimens
  • Integrated concomitant and supportive therapy
  • Risk classification such as febrile neutropenia, anemia, nausea and emesis, etc.
  • Optimal drug therapy safety
  • Export for digital use in application programs
  • More efficient work, process optimization and time saving
  • Facilitates all steps of oncology therapy in the clinic and practice
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Onkopti® – the database of digitized oncological treatment regimens.

The Onkopti® -project is authored and published by hematologist and oncologist Prof. Dr. med. Hartmut Link and his team in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Onkopti® offers the optimal software to realize digitalization in oncology and enables digital therapy management of patients. The Onkopti® database contains protocols of drug therapy of malignant diseases in digital and application-proven form.

Our protocols are standardized according to current guidelines and also include concomitant and supportive therapy. This ensures standardized treatment with a high level of drug therapy safety. The Onkopti® protocols can be exported for digital use in application programs in hospital, practice and pharmacy (BD CatoTM, MS Excel application), read online and saved as PDF files.

For the treatment team, these possibilities mean an acceleration and optimization of work processes, time savings and a significant reduction in staff workload. Onkopti® is continuously updated and supplemented to keep pace with the rapid growth of knowledge in oncology and to enable all users to work efficiently with the latest information.

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The Onkopti® database was collaboratively developed by the clinical Onkopti® team and the Fraunhofer Institute IESE Kaiserslautern ( Germany). It is constantly expanding and undergoing further development.

Current publications (in German)
MORGEN DENKER (19): Onkopti® – Digital therapy protocols for cancer treatment.
Onkopti in the Fraunhofer IESE Annual Report 2022


Medical oncological treatment regimens

Treatment regimens in oncology are highly complex, since in addition to the actual tumor-acting drug, concomitant and supportive therapy must be included, as well as instructions for safe administration and monitoring.

Onkopti® meets these requirements and provides protocols in a clear and user-friendly format, as well as offering further information and links to the original literature. Protocols are generated according to original publications, study groups and occasionally congress publications.

Onkopti® concept, method and database

The structure of a treatment protocol is defined by numerous sections: The diseases to be treated, therapy indication, drugs of tumor, concomitant and supportive therapy with recommended dosage as well as treatment intervals and therapy cycles. In addition, risks such as febrile neutropenia, anemia, emetogenicity, necessary control examinations and warnings about necessary dose adjustment are included. Literature references linked to PubMed, Internet links, online drug databases, recommendations from scientific organizations, guidelines, and others are provided as additional information.

In Onkopti®, protocol data and information are collected, standardized and managed in a structured database. This allows protocols to be created according to a modular building set system. Changes can be implemented quickly by modifying individual sections. The therapy protocols are developed, controlled and regularly updated according to predefined quality criteria.

Quality assurance of the therapy protocols is ensured by means of review procedures of the database and output by pharmaceutical and medical experts.

The Onkopti® database was collaboratively developed by the clinical clinical Onkopti® team and the Fraunhofer Institut IESE Kaiserslautern (Germany) and is continuously supplemented and further developed.

Data export and application

The desired protocols can be exported in the standardized XML format or in other formats for import into your own software application. In addition, several variants of online views are available.

Using digitized protocols in application programs, the time required for protocol selection, creation and review can be reduced from several hours to a few minutes compared to the in-house creation process. Individual therapy for patients can also be selected and prescribed within minutes.

The clinically proven Onkopti® protocols are in routine use in numerous clinics, practices and pharmacies.


Link H, Wickenkamp A, Dresel A, van Lengen RH. Digitization of therapy protocols. Forum. 2020;35(2):129-36.

Link H. Digitized therapy protocols, do they lead to increased efficiency, process optimization, therapy safety and staff relief? Forum. 2019;34(5):3

The Team

The Onkopti® project is developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute IESE Kaiserslautern (Germany) and with the Association of Medical Oncology (AIO) of the German Cancer Society.

Prof. Dr. med. Hartmut Link, Kaiserslautern, Germany

Editorial Advisory Board
J. Barth, Prof. Dr. G. Held, Prof. Dr. I. Krämer, Priv.-Doz. Dr. C.S. Link-Rachner, Dr. S. Mahlmann, R. van Lengen, A. Wickenkamp

Authors and reviewers
C. Ahlmann, A. Dresel, R. Engert, Dr. V. Häfner, Prof. Dr. G. Held, Dr. J. Huber, Dr. G. Hübner, Dr. C. Kunz, Prof. Dr. H. Link, Dr. M. Link, Dr. S. Lichtenberger, Prof. Dr. I. Krämer, Dr. S. Mahlmann, Dr. B. Schäfer, Dr. C. Vollmar, C. Zehnder-Kiworr

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