Chemotherapy protocols for BD-Cato

Chemotherapy protocols

License 2: Import into BD Cato

All Onkopti® protocols can be imported into BD Cato™ via the BD Cato™ XML import interface; The correct import is checked and ensured in the release process of the Onkopti® protocols;

Chemotherapy protocols for BD-Cato


BD Cato™ is an integrated software solution that provides support in all phases of therapy From long-term prescription planning to the preparation and administration of cytotoxic drugs and other critical substances, modules for prescribing, formulation preparation and administration are offered to connect doctors, pharmacists and nursing staff.

The software for oncological therapy planning, therapy monitoring and cytostatic preparation has an import interface that can be configured for the import of Onkopti® protocols into the BD Cato program (BD Austria GmbH, Austria); There are also interfaces to hospital information systems. A key element is the pharmacy software for production and documentation; The BD Cato™ Prescribe range for doctors and medical staff is a certified medical device for prescribing therapy. All BD Cato™ workstations are networked.

Preparations of drug therapy
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Price for new customers
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4.000 5.364 €
8.000 7.533 €
15.000 12.944 €
22.500 18.856 €
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Plus statutory VAT in Germany in the amount of 19%. For the EU and other countries, the respective specific rules for VAT apply.

The contents of the Onkopti® protocols imported into BD Cato™ compared to the complete view are listed here.

Areas of the protocol

BD Cato™

Example BD Cato™

1. designation

Name of the protocol from the substance names with dose information, usually in the order of application, possibly also established protocol acronym or study name, main indication, cycle information (C) Protocol number (PID) Version number (V)

2. protocol acronym

Abbreviations from substance names for the file name of the protocol etc.

3. indication(s)

Disease(s), from publications, guidelines, approval

4. classification of the therapy

Standard, alternative etc. according to guidelines Intensity, therapy phase and intention

5. cycles

Duration and number from publication

6. sequences of protocols

Therapy plan with different protocols, link to graphic on Oncopti server

7. risks

Febrile neutropenia, neutropenia, anemia, thrombocytopenia, vomiting and other relevant risks clinically relevant data from publication

8. therapy divided into color-coded sections

Hydration, allergy prophylaxis, antiemesis, supportive therapy e.g. mesna, drug-based tumor therapy (oral, parenteral), hematopoietic growth factors, infection prophylaxis, etc.

9. adjunctive therapy supplements

e.g. osteoporosis prophylaxis, on-demand therapy

10. notes

Possible therapy modifications, warnings etc.

11. cycle diagram

Graphical representation of the medications in a cycle

12. controls

Relevant controls for implementation before and during therapy

13. pharmacokinetics

Relevant clinical information for the implementation of the therapy

14. original indication

From the study in the original publication

15. original author

From original publication

16. origin of the protocol

Study group, clinic etc. from publication

17. literature reference

For protocol used literature, link to PubMed, alternatively directly to the source

18. links

Relevant publications, EMA, study groups, etc.

19. recommendations

Recommendations by medical professional societies such as NCCN, DGHO (Onkopedia), German Cancer Society, ESMO, ASCO etc.


The screenshots show a treatment protocol imported into BD Cato™ for neoadjuvant immuno-chemotherapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer; protocol no. 2377: Pembrolizumab 200 / Pemetrexed 500 / Cisplatin 75, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Neoadjuvant, Cycles 1-4

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