Chemotherapy protocols

Import into other software systems

The Onkopti® protocols can be imported in standardized formats such as XML or JSON, making them compatible with proprietary software, practice or hospital information systems like J-MED and Omniplaner.

Chemotherapy protocols


J-MED is a workgroup solution for medical practices that makes it easy to plan oncology treatments, monitor patients, and handle billing. You can easily import the Onkopti® protocols into J-MED to treat your patients. It’s a user-friendly and efficient way to provide personalized care.


The import into the Omniplaner application software from the company Omnicare is available from 2024


The prices for the import into the application software J-Med and Omniplaner correspond to the license “Import into MS Excel / XML”.
Import variants with selected information can be customized and created for special applications.


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