Import into BD Cato

License 2

The BD Cato™ program is a complete software solution for chemotherapy that supports all steps from long-term therapy planning to therapy monitoring and cytostatics production. State-of-the-art database technology ensures its use both as a stand-alone application in pharmacies and in networks of hospitals with ward connections.

Treatment planning

BD Cato™ enables work at all points where therapy-relevant decisions are made. It provides treating physicians with the ability to plan therapies over the long term. Physicians and pharmacists can design therapy protocols and refer back to them again and again. Rules for dose modification and postponement of therapy cycles can be stored in these protocols and resulting prescriptions. Nursing staff are also involved.

Onkopti® is the optimal complement to the BD Cato™ program, which does not contain its own therapy protocols. Users have to create these themselves, which is time-consuming. Onkopti® is the solution.

Efficiently and time-saving, the digitized Onkopti® protocols are imported into the BD Cato™ database. Import via the XML interface is tested for all Onkopti® protocols.


Download of the digitized therapy protocols.

Import is enabled for licensees such that all authorized individuals can download the protocols. The BD Cato™ interface accesses the download folder.



The screenshots show an application protocol imported into BD Cato™ with the dose calculation for a patient (R-CHOP 21 – Rituximab 375 / Cyclophosphamide 750 / Doxorubicin 50 / Vincristine 2 / Prednisolone 40, diffuse large B-non-Hodgkin lymphoma, PID 113).

BD Cato™ Software – Integration of Onkopti® protocols into the system © BD 2020


The license price is calculated based on the individual drugs prepared by the pharmacy per year. 

Preparations of drug therapy
per year, each until (n)
1st Year
per year
  4.000 6.776 € 2.575 €
  8.000 9.680 € 3.678 €
 15.000 16.698 € 6.345 €
 22.500 24.230 € 9.207 €
 30.000 31.218 € 11.863 €

If you are interested in using the Onkopti® protocols, please feel free to contact us to discuss the details.